Monday, August 27, 2007

Meen dah sebut "ma ma"

MasyaAllah... one of the best feeelings when your child can call you already!

Balik dari keluor on Sat afternoon tu, by the time I walked to the front gate .. I could hear... a soft "ma ma".... subhanallah... best nya!! Anak dara mama dah boleh panggil mama!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

HR Services Team Building 10-12 Aug

Working weekend?? Oh no!!!!

But it's mandatory for ALL at the Palace of the Golden Horses..... and I will update this further with lots of pics.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Kids' new passport photos

Muhammad Danish Haikal

Nur Dayana Shasmeen

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Mama's Ladybug!! and big bro....

Haikal's 3rd Birthday Party at McD

He's grown up one more notch!!!! Haikal is now 3 years old already!

Ronald greets you to the party!!!!

This is the seat for the "King of the day". Sorry Mama pilih Powerpuff Girls pulak as the "theme" from McD coz Ronald seemed so plain!

Birthday Boy & his sister!!

The Thomas birthday cake.... and cupcakes from Aunty Zaliza... yummyyyy!!!!

Haikal dapat present from classmate, Aiqal....

the "king" and "Queen" of the day

First game... get into a circle.. pass the balloon when the music is on & the person who's holding the balloon when the music ends... loses...

Game #2: Hold the crayons up.. the team with most crayons standing wins the game

Make a wish Haikal!!! and then.... cake cutting time!! I want a piece of Thomas!

The kids with McD's mascot.....

and the birthday boy gets a gift!!!!
Meera, A'a, Raihan & Tini pun excited amik gambo ngan mascot with Adik Meen

Here are some of the guests.....

Haszy (and co)

Shima & kids (Ainin tak datang pulak)

Qesh and baby

Jehan & hubby, Fauzi

Auntie Aina & Oyang Empuh... and aunties Ciwa, Aina & Nuri

And finally..... unwrapping the gifts....