Sunday, July 24, 2011

Haikal & silat

It's a Sat 16th July... Haikal is going to sit for his silat test - to go the next level.
To start with, they have been marked with numbers..... taking turns

Group warm up & exercise
All the first level students doing their moves

First level defense
2nd level...
With a kick...... and this one is rolling on his back twice in a row

Group photo including the more senior ones

All in all, Haikal did pretty well... and it all ended close to noon though more time were taken to test other people's skills. Hopefully he'll get his promotion to the next level.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

BICDC Sports Day

I think it was Sat 25th June when BICDC was having her Sports Day - for both Meen & Sarah.
It was held at MBSA mini stadium (the same as Haikal's SRIP's few weeks back).

The canopy where they hold all the children & teachers
Meen & Sarah at their prep
Meen in her Golden Eagle tent area & Qistina too with her classmate
Sarah is the mascot for Columbus (3-year-olds)

Not sure what they were playing but everybody's a winner!
The "Rabbit" for Columbus & the "witch" for Golden Eagle
Meen representing her class..... and filling up the basket
Taking their own photo & then Haikal trying his hand with us
The Sports Day pledge....

The whole thing finished just around noon.... so we headed back home to rest!

Zoo Melaka

Still over school holidays, we stayed in JB for a few more days.... sempat gi kebun amik durian!! Look at these photos - the "king of fruit" on the tree... and how much they are on 1 of the trees!
Then, before heading back to Shah Alam, we spent a night at Auntie Julie's & Uncle Meor's place in Malacca.... and headed for the Zoo (since Kak A'a practical kat situ & dapat discount). We went for both night & day zoo.... horse-riding was the highlight for the kids...

Abg Imran... Angah & Halilah
Haikal rode on his own but Mama has to "teman" Sarah

and then Mimin...

I guess it's probably worth it to sign up at Denai Alam for cheaper horse-back riding lessons!