Tuesday, October 20, 2009

AU trip - Day 7 (Going home)

Pagi tu flight kul 10-ish so Mun sent us to the airport about 1 hour before (sebab rumah dia dekat)...flying back to Gold Coast first... queue was long so pintu dah nak tutup & we had to rush... dah le takde stroller... hancus!

We took our rental car & then headed for GC Surfer's Paradise area for our Whale Watching tour pulak. Had dinner kat Maharani (Malaysian/ Singaporean?) restaurant near Hard Rock cafe.. and then head back to the airport for our flight home.

isnt this a wonderful shot?

Safely arrived in KL at around 4-am Monday...

AU trip - Day 6

We were to shop for gifts... at the Paddy Market but before that we set for Fox Studios (tapi dah tak boleh masuk dah).. gi open market je & let the kids had some time at the playground with silly mirrors.

Lepas tu, gi Paddy's Market... on the way, jalan kaki je (jauh jugak rupanya!) but balik naik train.

AU vacation - Day 5

Started out with a trip to Circular Quay (harbour front) via a "Thomas" and then off to Toranga Zoo.

Masa queueing up for the cable car... at the entrance
Off we goooo!
Dalam cable car.....
SAP is one of the sponsors at the Toranga Zoo.... kitorang pun rasa macam ada contribute la jugak, he he he
Ular sawa.......
Entrance to the Australian specialties
Koala bears.......
My own 2 "koalas"... the other one sleeping already...
and kangaroos

The cable car from below... nice day, huh?? Sarah before we left
This is the whole zoo area
Before we depart on the cruise again

We headed back to Mun's and after some relaxation & dinner (Mun masak!).. we had our night "snack" of Pancake at the Docks.

Tak ingat Amelia order apa.....

By this time, budak2 seme dah kepenatan tapi angkut je la.... dalam stroller...