Friday, June 11, 2010

Auntie Rima's wedding

Rima's akad nikah - Friday morning 28 May 2010.

Wedding ceremony was held at Dewan UPM on Sat 29 May 2010. Bibik tak ikut so I was left with all the 3 kids to manage - tak dapat nak menolong with the VIP seating arrangements.... apa nak buat?! But all dressed in gold-brown theme.... cantik???

The next day, ceremony kat rumah pengantin lelaki pulak... tapi no camera....

Bahtera Imu Sports Day - 22/6/2010

It's here!! Bahtera Ilmu Child Development Center Sports Day!!

Early morning - getting ready. Meen & Haikal in their own classes
Brittannia's game is more to "fish" squares, triangles & round shapes
She gets a second prize from Principal Fadzilah... and proud of it too!

Haikal is to be dressed as a grandfather - for his HMS Bounty class... On your marks, get set.... go!!!
First the seluar, then baju, then samping, then kopiah & slippers
Then the misai, janggut, tongkat.... and run for the line.... and VOILA!! Grandfather Haikal!

with friends Adriana & Ryan (neighbour)....

With some of Haikal's friends...
Not too bad, really... and all done with before noon....
What a day!!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

HRV Away Day - Golden Sands Resort, Penang

15-16 May were the dates but we travelled a day (almost) earlier to ensure we have enough rests. Didnt take many photos on our own camera but just these of the kids at the pool on Sat morning (and over breakfast)

Haikal trying out photo taking.... and Sarah when she is all smiley

Like father like son....... the 3 stooges by the pool!
Haikal taking his own shot... Sarah in her usual serious mood!
All in all, it was a great weekend - the games on Sun morning was excellent.... A..A..Q..Q..U..U..A..A... Aqua!! Kita menang nombor 1!!! While the kids played inside the other building.
After that.... a nice splash in the pool (without the kids this time).....before we head down south to KL again...