Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tadika Bahtera Ilmu Concert 2010

Bahtera Ilmu Child Development Center (BICDC) held their year end concert on Sunday 14 November 2010

Meen is now 4!

Shasmeen turned 4 on 8 Nov 2010... We had a celebration in the kindy but still made another round at home on Sat. Tak ramai datang - just close friends & neighbours.

Pinchess cake is ready with candles... and Che La kena tolong lightkan

Princess Mimin ready with her wishes ...
Blow the candles.. and cake cutting time!

Mimin excited.....

Che La with Elly... and Mint with Jay, Sarah & Mika

Birthday gal with guests

Lepas tu, dok main bubbles...............great fun!
Sarah pun sama seronok.... but more "membazir" than blowing bubbles

Haikal & Meen concentrated on the game.....

Of course.. all 3

Mika & Jay.... and the others... (tapi gambor tak berapa clear la pulak!)
After 5, neighbours start coming: Liza, Lina, Suhana, Sal with kids... kecoh la jugak rumah but it was simply "short & sweet"....
All in all, Meen definitely enjoyed it.. especially her "Dora" stationery set.
Thanks everyone for coming!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shasmeen's 4! and Haikal is a star in the making!

8 Nov 2010 marks Meen's 4th birthday. Mama took a day off to celebrate in kindy - with "cake pinchess" & some goodie bags for her peers.

Make a wish... and cake cutting time!

2 different poses from the birthday gal....

with some friends

and with mama then Meen attempting at tiup belon

Fortunately on the same day, Haikal has been chosen to act in a new film by Prof A Razak Mohaideen. Main casts are Saiful Apek, Nabil & Fazura.... and they are to sing the song "Pak Mamat ada kebun... E I E I O..." with different animals..... so mama fetched Meen home & then watched a star in the making......
Listening intently from the pengarah!

Mama & Teacher Munirah (kan?) pun sama sibuk enter-frame amik gambo ngan Nabil.... he's really funny!
with main casts... nyanyi & walk in circles.....
Haikal terlebih glamour sket being next to Fazura.....

Dapat la small token after all is done.... and then pose beramai2

Mama pun nak jugak tumpang bergambar dgn artis2!!!

When all is done.... apa lagi, makan drumstick KFC ler!!!

All in all, a rather different experience for Haikal... and mama too!