Monday, June 13, 2011

Universal Studios SG

During the school holidays in March, we finally made it to the Universal Studios in Singapore. The causeway to SG was pretty jam-packed but we managed to arrive at USS before noon. Interesting place - though not many can be enjoyed by the youngsters my children's ages....

Outside the entrance
We got the Woody Woodpecker!

Shrek castle... too many people to queue up

Fadel is the only one who went on the ride... the rests just wait outside

Even this one - the scariest of all (Battlestar Galactica)...

Trying on many hats

We didn't stay for the night... and there was no show anyway but I suppose it was not bad at all. The kids definitely had their own share of fun....

But the worst part of it all was that we got stuck for more than 2 hours going back to JB!!