Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend in Holland

Wanted to spend the weekend in Paris... but also glad I didnt sebab I found out about the Designer Factory Outlet near the German border - thanks to Zai!

Sat morning started with the Hoefkade market... very huge tapi tak amik gambo. Then we're off to Zai's place in Scheveningen - very nice place indeed (ni pun lupa nak amik gambo!). Special home-cooked meal of Asam Pedas kepala ikan salmon! yummm yummm!!!

Then, after a it of rest (and sent cheese back to the hotel), we're off to Wim's place. We took the "Thomas the choo-choo" train to Rotterdam Lombardeijn.... and Wim & Joyce greeted us (VJ & me) at the station.

On the way, we all singgah this place (dont remember the name) ... quite a nice picteresque view!

What are looking at guys?? Must be something at the top of this building... and happy faces!
On the ground... and where we're standing was the picture... with Wim & Joyce

Beautiful tulips at Wim's & Joyce's.. in front of the fireplace... so cozy!
The next day... we decided to go shopping, not at Amsterdam, but to Reormond!! What's there? Designer Factory Outlet! A lot of branded items - some at good sales... I managed to get a few pairs of Clarks' shoes at 20-30 euros each!!! Tefal stuff too.... almost bought the grillpan (converted to only RM80 compared to RM200+ in KL!!)
But actually, it (wet) snowed the night before & some of the places have snow on the ground!

Dunno this place but a nice looking mosque? Snow!!!!!!

Designer Factory Outlet..... and the map to the whole place (memang kena spend at least 1 day!)

Sempat bergambar depan PRADA je sebab malu, ramai orang lalu lalang
Monday night... Noreen invited us for dinner... masak mee chicken curry!! yummm yummm lagi!

All of us in the picture: Noreen, Vanitha, Nubia, Daniel (Noreen's), Dhalita & me.. then one without Noreen

and one without Dhalita

Was great... and it became around -5 degree celcius! So Daniel kindly sent us all back to the apartment/ hotel.... nite2!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Holland Trip 12 Feb

This time, a bit hard to leave the whole family but Haikal is already schooling... and from the photos below, I think you would also guess why...

Pandai posing dah semua! Haikal pulak baru dapat his spec pagi tadi... silau, asyik tengok TV dekat sangat.

Anyway, lepas tiba Amsterdam, Dhalita (colleague) and I took a day room at Ibis, Amsterdam - just next to Centraal Amsterdam train station. Untuk Haikal yang suka "Thomas"... Mama amik gambar trains from the hotel (temperature at that time was quite low.. around 0 degree celcius!
Thomas the choo-choo train!

Lepas tu, decided to take a walk in Amsterdam city (yes, on foot!) and here are just some of the photos... sejuk sangat, menggigil tu amik gambar!

Madame Tussaud & The Dungeon!

It was a Sunday so somehow there was a row of shops with flowers (Tulips, of course!)

One of the museums.... and a person in full Scottish outfit playing the backpipe in front of Madame... cari rezeki tu!

Lepas tu, balik hotel, relax jap & then decided to rent a bicycle in the city - and cycle for lunch at Hard Rock Cafe!! Seperti biasa, order air yang boleh dapat free glass... not bad, boleh buat collection!

Lepas solat & rehat jap, we took a taxi to The Hague... and stay at this luxury Des Indes Hotel!!
Website dia, kalau nak tengok full:

The luxury bed.... memang empuk!!! and guest seats
Wardrobe (and TV kat hujung tu!) and the Nespresso machine
The working area and bathroom

That's all so far.... because Mon - Fri memang sibuk keje.... malas nak logon or even FB update.
This weekend, nak tengok dulu what to do... but will update later if there's anything interesting.

ta-ta for now!


This photo was taken when the whole family went to I-City... one of the Saturday nights. Rasanya Hj Fadel baru balik from Mekah....