Thursday, August 12, 2010

Haikal is 6!!

We had 2 celebrations for Haikal's birthday... one in his school (with his kindy's friends) and the other at home with some close people

At Bahtera Ilmu with his class-mates & Mrs Jaya

I didnt take any photo of his "Transformers" cake in school but below are photos of the celebrations at home.... a simple one as Fadel wasnt around.

Ben-10 is the theme at home

Haikal with cake-cutting.... Aunties Peggy & Najwa

"Auntie" Che La, Peggy with daughters.... Ching Wei & Alvin has an instant daughter!!
Lovey-dover Auntie Ana & Uncle Sabri.... Alvin rajin melayan the kids at blowing bubbles
Auntie's Ana, Ching Wei, Peggy & Najwa.... Adriana's mum (Auntie Nita) with 4-month baby
Uncles Mukmin & Ariff (Adriana's dad) & Adriana; with Auntie Liza (neighbour) who sponsored the croissants

Uncle Najib & Auntie Hajar..... Uncle Amli & Auntie Ieyna
There were also other people - Uncle Kam & family, Auntie's Rima, Aina with Uncle Ilmam, Auntie Mint & kids yang tak sempat nak di ambil gambar sebab Mama kena jadi host + tukang masak + photographer + penyambut tetamu, etc....
But thanks to all who helped in any way...........
Haikal is also greatful og the gifts he had..... including a complete collection of his Ben 10 Lego sets.