Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My 3 stooges

Just an update on my beloved children...

My 3 stooges or "Do Re Mi" as a friend refer to it (the last she met me I had no children & suddenly now I have 3 - that's why)... are growing soooo fast! If not for this blog, I dont think I capture their fast changes so clearly...

Haikal (copy cat of abah) is 4 and yet, the new school has taught him quite a bit - socially & in Islamic stuff - like Duas, and other things.

Shasmeen is ever so adorable and love EVERYONE! big or small

Maisarah is growing sooooo fast and is going to be 6 months on 9th September... insyaAllah a successful exclusive 6-month breastfeeding... and then she can start having blended porridge. A mixture of ayam kampung ("village chicken" haa haa haa), broccoli, carrots, potato..... yummy! just like Abang & Kakak before...

Cute pose, yeah? Fadel's family from Kg Parit Betak

Haikal, Shasmeen & Maisarah.... sooooo adorable! How they've grown!

The 3 of them - capture the moments!

Meen wanting to hold her sister... and the loving kisses between 2 sisters!

My cutie pies......... will be back!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Haikal's 4th Birthday!

Actually it should fall on a Sunday but Sundays are golf days for Abah... and since this is a dual celebration with Abah's 34th b-day (which falls on Tue 5th), both "boys" have to make it la kan..

We held the celebration at McDonald's Restaurant, Bandar Sri Damansara - starting at 4pm

"It's your birthday!" Haikal & Abah!!!

Abah & Shasmeen.... and people starting to enjoy food...

Eating time!!!

Some of the guests: Alfian's & Haszy with youngest (so far!)

One of Haikal's schoolmate's mom & fav neighbour Kak Jaja

Hanapi's & Che La's daughters.... groovy!

My 3 dearest children: Haikal, Shasmeen & Maisarah

More guests: Shima holding Maisarah & Jules + Anak Auntie Wa, Aliya

Anak Najib and................ (lupa lak)

Fun times for the kids playing the "gelongsor"!! led by Haikal, I suppose...

Babies in the house!!

Birthday cake!!! As a cost-cutting measure, Haikal loves the "Thomas" cake but I made it "4" on 1 side for Haikal & "34" on the other side for Fadel aka Abah

Candle blowing time!!

Everybody's singing :
"Happy Birthday to you....." song in Malay & English!!

And now it's playtime!!!

Shasmeen and Auntie Jehan

Each kid eventually gets a party pack... this one is a sample for girls (in pink & blue) and for boys, they either get a "Spiderman", blue "Pooh" or green "Pooh & Tigger... (I lurrrrve shopping for these party packs!!)

It was lots of fun!!!