Monday, July 30, 2007

Meen dah pandai berdiri!

Puteri ku seorang ni, dah asyik nak berdiri aje pulak.... so dah terpaksa remove the top part of her playpen... sebab kalau dia berdiri & sorang2 masa Tini buat kerja somewhere, takut pulak dia tergolek ke pulak!

Anyway, bila dah remove the top part tu, kesian pulak, dia susah nak berdiri, asyik bergolek aje pulak dalam playpen. And of course tak seronok tido dalam tu sebab "jauh ke dalam"... but in any case, seronok nya dia kalau dapat berdiri!

Mungkin lambat la sikit untuk anak pompuan belajar berdiri at almost 9 months... tapi Haikal dulu pun berjalan only when he was 1.5 years! Tapi mulut dia dah bising lah pot-pet pot-pet... sama jugak ngan adik dia ni!

Apa-apa yang abang dia buat, dia seronok aje ketawa... walaupun cuma mengagah simple2 je... bagus la & Haikal is more loving of his sister, Alhamdulillah!! Orang dah nak masuk 3 tahun la katakan (this Friday!!!)!!!

Ada ambik gambo tapi belum sempat download.... nanti update....

Fun bus & train ride

Weekend bebaru ni, I took Haikal out on a fun bus and train rides.... park the car at D Curve and then walked a bit to Ikano. Thought the first bus to Kelana Jaya Putra station was at 10:10 and I needed to "shi shi"... so we missed the 9:30 am ride...

The next ride is at 11:00am (sigh)... so took Haikal back to D Curve, bought him a chocolate muffin and some Milo and then walked back to Ikano (at least the bus rides are more frequent coz the one in D Curve has got no schedule - or not known). We saw the yellow bus parked already so we rushed back just to make sure we wont miss the "boat" this time around... though it was only 10:30 am at that time...

Haikal was so excited so it didnt matter to him.... when he saw the mainly-yellow bus, he thought it was a school bus!! (He wanted so much to go to school in a yellow bus)....and since there was a Jalur Gemilang at the back of the bus, he said, "Mama, kita nak naik bas sekolah, kita nak naik bas Merdeka!!" hee hee hee... at least my almost-3-year-old can appreciate merdeka already.

When it was finally time, he was so excited so we got on the bus... it was only 10:45 am but since the driver had slept in the bus & thought it was already 11:45, he rushed us in and went ahead.... until somebody called him to make a return.... haa haa haa....

Anyway, the ride to KJ station was OK... so we then hopped on the train. I purposely bought train tickets (though I already have the Touch N Go card) so that Haikal can keep the ticket.... and even though going to KLCC was only RM2.40.. I bought the one going to the last station at RM2.50.... he was so excited because the "Thomas" was painted with Takaful Nasional's green stuff all over & thought it was "Henry"...(if you know Thomas' green friend)... all the way to KLCC, whenever he saw another train on the other rail, he yelled "Thomas lagi Ma!"... The Indons sitting next to us kept wondering what the heck he's talking about!

By the time we reached KLCC, we didnt even walked around.... came around to fetch the train back to KJ... to catch the 1pm Ikano bus ride back to where we first came from..... Haikal must have been exhaustedthat he fell asleep in the bus (what more it started to rain!!) (One thing I have to add about Malaysians... thought when I carried Haikal & it was starting to rain, they would give way... but NO, they all rushed in like no other business... urghhhh!))

By the time we reached Ikano, it was around 1:30pm... crossed over to D Curve, walked a bit & then headed home.....

Loved the excitement & satisfaction look on Haikal's face.... all for the bus & train rides....

What's the cost?
RM2 for parking at D Curve,
RM5 for the train rides,
RM4 for his muffin,
RM7 for his Milo (kids' pack of 7 free 1)

and Voila!!! happy face on my son!!!

I will need to take Shasmeen out when she gets slightly older... else kesian tengok muka dia asyik kena tinggal ngan Bu Tini....

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Have you ever had bad (and sometimes good) dreams that seem very real... but once you get up, you forget all about them? Or those that you DO remember, you wonder what those dreams mean?

I've read somewhere that if you dream good ones, it's OK to tell the whole world what you've dreamt about as a "token" (or doa) to make it happen in the real world. However, if you had bad dreams, keep it silent for fear that it MAY really strike you hard out in the open.

But what if you want to know what those dreams mean to you??

I've been having quite scary dreams of late... but should I tell people to "check on it"?? I dont know... but what I DO know is that, in Islam, if we get nightmares or baddy dreams, once you wake up, spit to your left side and shut it off from you... hopefully it's just satan's ploy that wont harm you in reality.

If you guys have any sites or know of people who can interpret dreams... by all means, let me know. Maybe it can help ME find out what's been bothering me.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Rapatkan Saf.....

Semalam, lepas hantar anak sedara ke UIA Matrix (Seksyen 17 eh?), F and me (Haikal ikut ler) singgah solat maghrib kat DU sebelum gi makan kat Satay Hj Samuri DU. Masa solat tu, bukan ke sepatutnya kita kena temukan "bahu ke bahu" supaya tak terputus saf? Dah le orag pompuan yang solat kat situ berapa kerat je tapi nak rapatkan saf pun macam susah jerk... naper ek?

Kalau betul la ingatan masa belajar dulu, bila dah putus saf tu, maknanya tak de lah kita ni solat berimam dah kan? Walaupun niat nya memang "makmuuman lillahi ta'ala"... nak buat camana?

Anyway, lepas solat, kitorang gi makan Satay!! Habis 20 ayam - lepas tu besor hati tambah order 10 ayam + 5 rusa (manis la tapi tak minat lak)... tapi yang ayam tu bawak balik untuk Tini... Haikal lak, macam "segan" nak makan so I ordered mee hoon goreng untuk dia. Dekat separuh habis!!! Tapi lagi separuh pun bawak balik!

Masa tengahari pulak, pergi Ann's daughter's cukur jambul... cute anak dia tapi tak amik lak gambo. Kira makan tengahari lah sekali. Rumah dia kat Armanee Terrace, Damansara Perdana.... yang 2-storey apartment tu... Cantik la jugak (but I prefer landed property - for the price of almost half a mill!!!)

Ni saje nak update blog... tapi busy sket so tak leh tulis banyak

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

If you love someone....

"If you love someone, let him/her go,
if (s)he comes back, then you know that (s)he loves you forever"

Is that how the saying goes?
I have 2 questions though....

1) If you let him/ her go but the other party refuses to do so but at the same time toy with another, what is that called?
2) IF (caps, mind you) ever (s)he comes back and it's a little bit too late... what's a value in it? How long does it take to "come back"?

I've read articles and stories that describe the above incidences and very sad to say that not only one party is already sacrificing his/her feelings... but (s)he is also given second-hand treatment. Isnt that enough!

Funny sometimes that people can appreciate a friend with appreciative remarks or even a simple word of thanks... but sometimes forget to appreciate the ones (supposedly) very close to the heart - the family. I tend to do that, unfortunately, but will try to "make it out" when I can.

In any case, I feel that if you love and care for someone, what matters most is the ACTION bit.... you have to SHOW that you love and care for someone rather than SAY that you do. What do you think?

We normally take things for granted but realize only when we have "lost it"... and then comes the regret part of it.

Lost times are never going to be recalled and what happens after that period will not be as sweet as it could have been the first time... or is it? Of course, things happen for a reason and there's always a blessing in disguise.... we just cannot see it the first time, maybe.

But in all that we do, have faith in Allah coz HE definitely knows what's best for you.... and how much you can handle...

Surah A-Baqarah ayat 286: Allah tidak memberati seseorang melainkan apa yang terdaya olehnya. Dia mendapat pahala kebaikan yang diusahakannya dan dia juga menanggung dosa kejahatan yang diusahakannya.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

In Pursuit of Happyness

Have you watched this movie? Will Smith and his son played the parts so well.. this is a truly touching story - based on a real life story! Normally, moms would go ALL THE WAY to give the best for their children but in this case, he's such a doting father who is so determined to turn their lives around for the better.... and his wife just left him!!!

And yes, the spelling is such... just like the one at the son's nursery school's and Chris Gardner (played by Will Smith) did comment that "they cannot even spell happiness correctly"...

Dari segi Islam, Allah akan menguji kemampuan hambaNya menghadapi setiap ujian.... tetapi kita tidak seharusnya berputus asa mengharap dan berdoa untuk yang terbaik....di samping berusaha sedaya upaya untuk mencapai hasrat & keinginan kita... insyaAllah, there's a light at the end of the tunnel....

A must watch especially for dads....

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter 5

"Reducto", "Expecto...." ntah apa-apa lagi lah jampi serapah dalam citer Harry Potter ni. Nak kata I'm an avid fan of these series, tak lah jugak but I've been watching Harry Potter movies since the beginning.... watching how Harry Potter himself and his gangs have grown "on screen"....

For this 5th series, I quite enjoyed the movie with the effects and all but somehow I feel like something is amiss... cant really put words into my mouth but nevertheless some sort of dissatisfaction in the air.... maybe because of the presence of Dolores Umbridge that prohibits usage of magic among underage wizards....

But I guess, what I learn from this movie is that you should not over-protect anyone for fear that "the dark side" might harm him/her.... because no matter what, somehow or rather, (s)he might still get inflicted by it in another way anyway... Worse, (s)he would have to find his/her own way to overcome fear and are more unprepared to defend him/herself in such circumstances.

What's next??

Monday, July 9, 2007

Boys' Behavior: Why Boys Behave the Way They Do

Just read this article in - interesting for a "new" mom like me....

This article is written by Troy Parrish MA LCPC . He is a therapist in private practice in the Columbia, Maryland area. He has been in practice for over 17 years and has significant clinical experience working with children who have either behavioral or attention problems. In his years of working with this population he has developed a system that helps parents and students organize, keep track of and maintain accountability for their homework. You can read more about this system at his web site

Among other things:
What this difference in brain development is that boys act the way they do because they are built to act that way. A boy's development is a central aspect of a boy's behavior. Boys are built to be more active, to test the limits of their physical strength, to throw things to see how it flies, to explore the woods or the insides of the computer, to seek new things to grab their interests, to take on a challenge, to compete with one another, to learn by doing and by experiment, and to try to fix problems.

Take that boy and put him into a setting in which he is expected to sit still for long periods of time and to learn through having someone talk to him, want to have him play quietly in the house and pay attention to his homework, to express himself by talking and you begin to see the dilemma that is being created for that boy and for those who are trying to enforce this structure. This structure is not allowing for how this child is created to operate, it pushes him towards “girl” behavior. Have enough of this constraint and you will begin to get school failure, school resistance, disruptive behavior and possibly rebellious behavior. So what can we do?

1) Appreciate that boys are built for activity. This activity must be accounted for when we are creating structure for our boys. Give boys an opportunity to move, make activity a part of a task as much as possible. Provide time to be active at regular intervals to keep the wiggles under control. Give the boys the more active chores to do at home and in the classroom.

2) Recognize that the attention span of a boy is going to be shorter when he is not particularly interested in a subject. When teaching boys, keeping tasks and subjects as short as can be and still achieve the objective of the task will help. Breaking things into parts with intervals of activity between can also be useful. Keeping homework to a limited amount can also be very helpful in terms of compliance and completion.

3) Take advantage of his natural curiosity to help him build his strengths. Build into his exploration topics or lessons in which he may not necessarily be interested. Appreciate that his natural curiosity will serve him well in his life.

4) Help him find appropriate ways to test his strength as well as his desire to compete. Don't try to train this out of him, this will only damage him. Instead, help him to see that there can be fun and beneficial ways of demonstrating his capacity to others and to himself.

5) Encourage the efforts he makes, not his ability or his talent. Some recent research shows that encouragement of effort is far more effective in development of perseverance and a positive self image than praising a child for his intelligence or raw ability.

6) When talking to him recognize that being active during that talk helps him absorb what you are saying (providing the activity is not too engaging). Taking a child on a walk or allowing him to color while you talk can be very helpful. Don't always expect a boy to look you in the eyes when you are disciplining him, he finds this embarrassing. By doing these things you are teaching him to express his feelings through talking rather than always by action.

7)Recognize that boys bond by doing things with other boys, and with you as well. Don't expect a boy to want to simply talk to you for the purpose of enjoyment and growing closer to you. He will come to you to talk to you about a problem. Keep it brief, talk too much and he will tune you out. If you wish to get closer to a boy, do things with him.

8) Don't compare him to other boys, either directly to him or even in your own mind. Remember, there is greater variability among boys than there are girls. Learn to appreciate the boy for who he is created to be.

So I guess... why Haikal acts the way he does is because he IS a growing BOY!!

Forgiven, Not Forgotten

Ada orang cakap kalau tak boleh melupakan, adakah kita sudah benar-benar memaafkan? Ntah lah yek tapi I think it is up to the individual. For me, I can forgive but not easily forget... just like the song from The Corrs.. Forgiven, Not Forgotten....

Banyak perkara yang terjadi yang kadang kala menjadikan kita terpikir.... kenapa agaknya benda ni berlaku kepada kita? Memang ini semua ujian Allah - mudah-mudahan sedikit ketidak-selesaan di dunia akan mendatangkan lebih kebahagiaan di akhirat, insyaAllah.... tetapi ada kalanya perkara-perkara sebegini membuat kita terpikir sekiranya ini adalah balasan atas sesuatu kesilapan kita.... mana satu ek?

Memang lah tak ada manusia yang sempurna, apatah lagi kita ni umat di akhir zaman yang penuh dengan godaan duniawi... apa kah agaknya yang menanti di kemudian hari agaknya yek? Apakah rahsia Allah yang belum di tunjukkan dengan ujianNya ini? Semoga iman akan sentiasa terpahat di jiwa ini dan semoga dengan bimbinganNya lah aku akan sentiasa bersyukur dengan nikmat-nikmat pemberianNya.

Walau apa pun, biarlah Allah jua yang membalas segala buruk baik perbuatan kita ini... kita tidak seharusnya menghukum sesama manusia ini walau apa jua alasannya... betul tak?

Apa yang hendak ku sampaikan di sini? Ntah la... mungkin hanya sekadar keluhan insan yang terasa kadang kala terhimpit dengan dugaan Allah....

I leave you to enjoy the song (if you know it)

All alone, staring on, watching her life go by,
When her days are grey and her nights are black,
Different shades of mundane and the one eyed furry toy
That lies upon the bed has often heard her cry
And heard her whisper out a name long forgiven, but not forgotten,

You're forgiven not forgotten
You're forgiven not forgotten
You're forgiven not forgotten
You're not forgotten

A bleeding heart torn apart, left on an icy grave,
In the room where they once lay, face to face,
Nothing could get in their way, but now the memories of the man
Are haunting her days and the craving never fades,
She's still dreaming of a man long forgiven, but not forgotten,

You're forgiven not forgotten
You're forgiven not forgotten
You're forgiven not forgotten
You're not forgotten

Still alone, staring on, wishing her life goodbye
As she goes searching for the man long forgiven, but not forgotten,
You're forgiven not forgotten

You're forgiven not forgotten
You're forgiven not forgotten
You're forgiven not forgotten
You're forgiven not forgotten
You're forgiven not forgotten
You're forgiven not forgotten
You're forgiven not forgotten
You're not forgotten
You're not forgotten
No, you're not forgotten

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Harry Potter....

Semalam gi amik tiket Harry Potter kat GSC 1-utama. Hoorayy!!! Dapat 2 tiket for 9:45pm show. Row E.. tu kira okay lah tu sebab yang lain seme dekat ngan screen.....

Hari ini pulak adalah hari pertama dapat "P" since melahirkan Shasmeen + nifas.... Masa Haikal dulu, exactly on the 7th month tapi kali ni lambat sket... kurang 2 hari masuk 8 bulan. Takut gak.. sebab ada orang, tak datang "P" ni terus sangkut 1 lagi!! ishhhhh..... Alhamdulillah..... Good or bad? hmmmmmmmmmmm

Nasib baik lah dah sempat ganti puasa 26 hari (from the whole month of 30 days!!!).... Dah start dari bulan Januari dulu - puasa Senin Khamis! Bagus jugak nak men"diet"kan diri 2 kali seminggu ni. At least boleh sempat habiskan insyaAllah dalam bulan ni jugak... lepas tu, kalau puasa kira "extra" leee...

Anyway, here are some delayed photos from earlier weeks' posting
Haikal's favourite Thomas & "Fghren"'s ride in KLCC - in front of Haagen Daaz

Ni lah kedai Mak Ani kat Anggerik Mall Shah Alam

With cousins (from left) Jules, Moon & Fiza. Kat depan tu, Haikal and his second cousin (Jules')

Latest stint from my gorgeous children - Meen suka main rambut Abang Ekal

Autobots vs Decepticons!!!

Weekend lepas gi tengok Transformers.... BEST!!! Autobots makin canggih daripada zaman kat TV tu... and of course, Megatron makin "hensem" walaupun jahat...

Haikal suka jugak tengok "ghobot" ni tapi agaknya dia kepenatan sket so tertidur halfway through the show!

Fadel sempat beli baju Transformers ni kat "gerai2" outside Cineleisure tu - weekends je ada kedai2 ni kan? so dapatklah 2 for RM50! Satu putih & one more warna hitam... OK lah quality dia.

Haikal lak dapat 2 baju Thomas & "Fhgren"... satu with collar & the other lengan panjang. 2 for RM55... tu pun lepas dah puas bargain ngan akak jual tu... memula tu 1 for RM29....

Anyway... seronok lah jugak..
Now ni nak gi beli tiket untuk Harry Potter lak....