Monday, April 19, 2010

Anuar Zain's Secretary's Week (JW Marriot)

This is our annual event - to loosen up a little bit with the man himself....

The 2 siblings with out gift... Jani, Kak Leez, Che La & Mint

At our B4 - takde ong langsung!!! Before and with KC
KC, Jani, Che La, me, Kak Leez & Mint - all partners in crime!!; With Belle, Shee & Kiera
The man himself with our birthday card... ; with Kak Ee & Kiera
Finally, the group photo.... tapi kecik sket la!!!

Lionel Richie Concert

I was just in time to go for this treat... and as a treat to Fadel for our 10th Anniversary on 1/4/2010....

Dinner at Mandarin Oriental (MO).... the durian dessert was just awesome!!!

Some candids by Fadel..... and TMs who went for the concert

From left: Rok, Peggy, Alice, Shalina, Rubi, Kak Lina, Aishah & Kam

Lionel Richie was just awesome... sama aje suara dia dari dulu sampai sekarang.... and of course the choice of songs.....memang nostalgic.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Holland and people I work with

First thing first... at the end of Monday, a nice bed & room is what I'm expecting... so here's what a room with the sea view looks like at Kurhaus....

The sea view.... and bathroom

The bed.... and tv area

and the 2 cozy chairs
People at work....

Andreya... who assisted me with my agenda in NL... and Ted (Theodore) Ifeanyi

GF: with Olga Kortbeek, Gerco Pronk & Frans Hendriks

With Ton Van Dijk & Darrel Lourdes (he's actually Malaysian)

With Louise Kaine, Joelle Sangiers & Lorraine Wilson; With Karen Edwards, Caroline Ros, Danie Tin, Saskia Luining & Claire

With Matt Forrest (Workforce Planning); with Bert Dressel, (??) & Richard Van T Wout

Linda Woodall's farewell with Evelien & Louise; Frans, Ageeth, Lydia & Constance Borg

Joelle, Lydia, Marcello & Lorraine; Valeria, Michael Van Der Burg, Paul Frost & Haren

with Allan Frame & Jill Boots; Dinner with Louise & her other half Jan & Lorraine
With Ismail Said (one of the OpsNet members)
PPI team: Linda, Michael, Louise with Ineke Hindarta & Lorraine; The Phase II project team
Met up with new people; Stephanie (SITI - Learning/ SOU lead for APAC)

with Steph..we headed for Jill's Restaurant.... Thu night (when they were still undecided abt Paris! *winks)
Starters.. and salmon! Yummmeeyyyyy

Fri night outing with Saiful, Steph & Zai; with Saiful, Steph & Samantha Chee (Sam). This is in front of the palace

We had Briyani!!! and this dessert - lemon (sth)

By the beach with Steph & Sam - Dhalita taking photo; North Indian dinner with all 4 of us

Tue evening dinner with Wouter Jan & Alina...

Met a lot of people... OpsNet members & also stakeholders at the Phase II Pilot but didnt manage to take photos of these people...