Tuesday, February 10, 2009

PGL Season 3 - awesome!

Sunday afternoon.... I managed to get a seat to sold-out PGL Musical kat Istana Budaya.. Thanks to Anis for letting me know when her sister cancelled!

Hang Tuah was (oh my God!) handsome & has a great powerful (yet soft, camna tu ek?) voice... typical Broadway person. Terbuai kejap (hilang jap AZ but not for long!) with his performance...
Gusti Putri tak payah citer la.. memang biasa dengan theater acts..
Sultan Mahmud memang interesting.. ada part tu kelakar gak masa dia nak kahwin ngan Gusti. Bukan main happy lagik!
Raja Majapahit was handsomely played by AC...
Bayan, played by Ida Marliana (next Gusti Putri) was also very fantastic!
Siap ada magic show lagik... Gusti hilang dari kain Bayan.. and then Nenek Kebayan hilang dari 1 tempat ke tempat lain... and when Gusti changed from Nenek Kebayan to the beautiful princess... amazing!!!!

Hang Tuah, Gusti Puti, Sultan Mahmud & Bayan... Sayangnya gambo Hang Tuah terlindung dek matahari...
Anis with Raja Majapahit..... and presenting Bayan!!!

Best la.. memang very well performed! Props were quite simple but managed well... ada sikit je la terkucil sebab "air terjun" tak nak turun..... but overall..........AWESOME!!!
Kalau sempat.. gi la tengok!

Fantabulous nite with Anuar Zain!

Whaow... it's been quite some time since I went to AZ's Live show... tunggu Secretary's Week last year takde, masa Raya pun tak buat & then tak de nya lah nak pergi Singapore... Masa kat Felda tu pun, AZ tak turun stage because of the controversies...

But last Friday nite was awesome!! He was in his element & sang all the nice (love) songs.... Lagipun tak ramai sangat so it was really more "intimate" in that sense.... hmmmmm dont get me wrong though!!

Unfortunately, I bawak camera but found out later that the battery kong-ed out on me. So I was dependent on other partners in crime (Che La, Mint & KC) for photos & videos... so I dont have any to share here... but if I can upload any of his performance (courtesy of Che La) I'll do just that.....

In summary........ Excellent performance!!! Bravo!!!!