Friday, November 13, 2009

Bahtera Ilmu Concert 2009 - Haikal's Black Pearl

This is Haikal's class performance.... so cute!

His partner is Adriana.. who appeared at Meen's birthday too!

Bahtera Ilmu Concert 2009 - Shasmeen's Columbus

Concert was held on Nov 1st 2009. Started out with 3-year old (Mimin's class) followed by others. Mimin must have had stage-freight.... goyang kaki je!

Enjoy!!Add Video

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Meen's 3rd birthday!

My darling princess' (Shasmeen) birthday on 8-11-2009, her third! She had been asking for her "...birthday to you!!.." so I thought, why not. Haikal had his share in August. So of course, it's mainly about "princess"....

The 3 stooges...

First thing.. this is our house (after all the renovation)...

The tv area and one looking out to the "garden with no trees"

Couch from main entrance & shoe cabinet... and dining + 2nd living hall
My fav: our dry kitchen... and the cool green grass by the terrace
D MEN behind the barbeque........ and it's officially used now...
and the results: chicken & kambing!!! sausages too.......
Erin, Fadel's friend.... and birthday girl & Sarah getting their meals with new Bibik
Peggy, Amanda & me trying out our first meal...
The soto & refreshment side....from 2 angles
Amanda & baby Tara... and Najwa with my cousin Ila...
Meen is ever so excited with her princess cake... and Qistina (Neighbour's lovely daughter)
Nurul, Hajar Ajeep, Mak Timah.. and the kids waiting for cake-cutting & "birthday to you" song
Meen in her own elements...
"Happy Birthday to you....." princess Mimin
Neighbours: Jamal, Syed Nasser, Yus & Johari... and the ladies: Putri, Sal & Hana
Haidi & co (without Hakeem)... Hajar, sis & Ajeep
Izzat & daughters..... Fadel and his friends (Erin, Ayus & Rosmaria) from school in JB
From the bar......... Neighbours Rusdi, Din's wife, Sha & hubby Meor

Diyana, Haikal's dancing partner in their school concert (video yet to be uploaded) & her bro
Some of the kids enjoying their time... Neighbours: Anthony, Azman & Syed Nasser
Kids happily playing bubbles... more of neighbours
The crowd..... Fadel & dentist neighbour Dr Din

All in all, even though our initial caterer "ditched" us almost the last minute... everything turned out good... soto, karipap sardin, agar2 nangka, Putri's desserts... and of coz the bbq kambing & ayam (marinate pagi tu je).... and Meen was happy at the end of the day.... lots of presents that she adores, if not all of them... that she was also willing to share with sis Sarah & bro Haikal.....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

AU trip - Day 7 (Going home)

Pagi tu flight kul 10-ish so Mun sent us to the airport about 1 hour before (sebab rumah dia dekat)...flying back to Gold Coast first... queue was long so pintu dah nak tutup & we had to rush... dah le takde stroller... hancus!

We took our rental car & then headed for GC Surfer's Paradise area for our Whale Watching tour pulak. Had dinner kat Maharani (Malaysian/ Singaporean?) restaurant near Hard Rock cafe.. and then head back to the airport for our flight home.

isnt this a wonderful shot?

Safely arrived in KL at around 4-am Monday...