Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Trip to Zoo Negara - 28th June 2008

Dah lama tak pergi Zoo Negara... and Haikal teringin nak jumpa "Elly" (Pocoyo) and giraffe, etc... so we headed over to the zoo on a lovely Saturday morning...

Haikal & Shasmeen masa baru sampai kat parking lot - getting ready!
At the entrance.... yeay!
We started out with the animal show... not that these interest the kids so much.. but there is a seal jumping and the white eagle, among other things. After some snacks, we moved took the "Thomas" ride around the whole zoo.. phew!! Long queue!!!
After the ride, then only did we take the walk... with "Elly" and giraffe
The flamingoes & deers
"Cipan" - dont remember the English word for it... I need Stanley's book of animals!!!
Then, at the end of the day...... Haikal & Meen....

And Sarah got a kiss from Kak Meen

Wonderful day, aint it?

Maisarah - the journey so far!

Allo... I'm back!

Was just looking through some of Maisarah's photos from HP... I have planned to make a scrapbook for her (and her siblings too) but find it difficult to find the time.... so let's start with Maisarah....

Maisarah on her 4th day (13 March) - still in NICU in Pantai Medical Center. Lebat rambut dia ek?

On 17th March - HOME at last!

On 18th April - before and after cukur..... oh NO!! I've lost all my hair!!!
4th May - with my bro & sis: Abg Haikal & Akak Shasmeen
17th May: Akak Meen nak tiru Mama bagi "nenen" kat Sarah... isn't she adorable?
18th May: Again with abang & kakak
26th June: Do U like my smile? I have the "John Travolta cleft" just like Mama... and the 3 stooges! again
6th July... my latest stint? I'm "talking" baby language to Mama & Buk Tini and the others too!