Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fadel and his new lens

Fadel bought a new lens for his camera... and the obvious models are the "Do Re Mi"... enjoy my models in their natural (wet) looks!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Shasmeen is 2 years old!

On Sat, 8th November, my angel Shasmeen (that's what her name means, by the way) turned 2!!! Catch her and the guests in this update...

Birthday Girl... filling up! Big Bro Haikal & younger sis Maisarah

Back of Adila, Nik & Jaja, Darina & Amanda; with Amanda & Sui Wei

What we serve: Nasi Beriani Gam kambing + roti jala & curry ayam

Maisarah with "Godfather" Nik; Anak Haszy - sorry lupa nama dia!
Maisarah, Nik & Jaja; D Dicxon & Ashley - concentrating on Barney!

My family.... Fariz, Elly, Ashley & Dicxon
Big Boss Kam; Che La & Rashid
Zuma......... Nadia in the background with Amanda's Kush & Narain

The birthday cake that Mama potongkan on behalf coz Mimin was already cranky; Nadia & Ray Ray
Zuma practicing? Shalina, Wan and baby Nurin Safiyya

Meen & neighbour Kak Jaja; bro Haikal
Fadel's friends from Sime Darby; cousin Julie & sis Raihan

Cousin Ieyna (Julie's sister)... and the 3 stooges!